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Howdy 👋 We’re the folks at SkyVerge, where we build tools that help over 100k+ eCommerce brands grow and manage their businesses. Our products include Jilt, an email marketing platform designed for eCommerce stores, and over 60+ extensions for WooCommerce, like WooCommerce Memberships and others.

Our team is 100% remote, with 29 people distributed all over the world.

We’re looking for an experienced, thoughtful Engineering Manager to help lead and coach our growing team of 10 engineers.

The Role

You’ll lead, coach, and mentor our team of 10+ engineers on how to be more effective individual contributors, as well as stronger team players. You’ll hold weekly check-ins (1:1s) with each team member to share feedback, check in on goals, and celebrate individual strengths and contributions. You’ll provide career development, planning, and guidance to the team by aligning individual and personal/professional growth goals to broader company objectives.

As a part of the leadership team, you’ll work closely with others on the Product, Design, Marketing, and Support teams. By championing an ethos of continuous improvement, you’ll help us grow the expertise of the team in performant, reliable, scalable, maintainable architecture. To drive these improvements, you’ll be responsible for analyzing team performance with qualitative and quantitative benchmarks, ensuring that the quality of our engineering is continually raised. From these metrics, you will help to refine, document, and unify our engineering best practices and project management processes and tooling across the existing area-specific teams.

As our first dedicated Engineering Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to help define and shape what an important leadership role for our company going forward. You’ll contribute to creating plans for prioritizing technical and resourcing challenges within the organization, and help with the recruiting efforts to meet those challenges. You’ll assist with the hiring, onboarding, and training of both new engineers, as well as future engineering leadership.

Here are some things you may do on a given day:

On the first day you will:

In the first week you will:

In the first month you will:

To succeed in this position, you should have:

Who you’ll work with:



In the past you’ve been a successful engineer. However, your real passion has been leading, mentoring, and coaching people to accomplish great things. Your other passion is helping your team evolve to the next stage in their careers, whether that is becoming an even more effective individual contributor, growing into a management role, or transitioning into an entirely new role.

You love keeping up-to-date with the latest engineering management best practices and tools, and are constantly tweaking and improving the way you work. You’re curious and excited to learn, so adopting new tooling or digging into a new app is something you’re keen to tackle. (After all, it is a new experience for you to learn from!) You know how to operate a hydraulic press, or at least watched a YouTube video about them and think they’re totally rad.

Finally, you can’t wait to join a growing team that loves their work as much as you do, affords the opportunity to work on challenging & interesting projects, continuously learn and improve, and constantly ships their work. You’re a great writer and can communicate effectively whether drafting up a pitch document, chatting in Slack, editing a wiki page, or drafting a project retrospective. You know that great coaching is really about great communication, so you’re committed to explaining your thought process clearly. You can communicate fluently in English, or at least as close as anyone can come to fluent English, because really, it’s English.


Our team is fully-remote and we communicate primarily through Slack, Clubhouse, Google Docs, Basecamp, and a few short, weekly meetings via Zoom — we believe the best work happens when given lots of uninterrupted time that’s free of distractions.

As a remote team, we believe that regular meetups are invaluable for getting to know each other better, so in addition to our quarterly planning meet-ups, you should also be available for 1-2 company-paid team trips per year. Curious about what those are like? Check out our recap of our last team retreat (SkyTrip), which brought the entire team to a Scottish estate for a week. It’s a plus if you think (like we do) that bears are absolutely the coolest animals in the forest. 🐻You can see what the team has to say about working with us here.


After an initial screening, you’ll get an email with a few questions to answer. Following that, you’ll have a few ~45 minute phone chats with different people on our team to learn more about you and answer any questions you have about the position and company.

Here are some benefits we're happy to offer to our team members:

We support workplace diversity and do not discriminate on any protected class. We believe when we work together as a team of different views, experiences, and ideas, we can build amazing things.

Applications accepted through September 17th.

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